In 2013, The Gerald Wallace Foundation partnered with Coty and DKMS to sponsor 100 local youth to attend a Brooklyn Nets game on February 24. Each participant received a food voucher, other goodies and a meet and greet with Gerald after the game.

In 2011, The Gerald Wallace Foundation provided Erica Wilson with her own FES cycle with the help of Children's of Alabama. Erica has Acute Idiopathic Transverse Myelitis, which requires physical therapy multiple times each week. Before receiving the cycle, Erica was forced to travel more than an hour to the nearest available cycle and was unable to get the therapy she needed. Today, Erica is thriving in a wheelchair basketball league.


In 2008, The Gerald Wallace Foundation partnered with Urban Restoration to build a playground in Charlotte. As part of the renovation project, the foundation installed a new basketball court as well as benches, trash cans, picnic tables and shelters. We also looked to increase safety at the park by installing adequate lighting.


In 2008, The Gerald Wallace Foundation was involved in a ticket distribution program that provided Bobcats tickets to Charlotte-based non-profit organizations. For every Friday and Saturday game as well as five marquee match-ups, Wallace purchased 25 tickets. The tickets along with a food voucher were given to underserved children, so they and their families can attend and have the best possible experience at a Bobcats game. “I purchased tickets to give them the opportunity to come and watch the games and see a role model and someone to look up to,” explained Wallace as he talked about the program.


Previously, The Gerald Wallace Foundation was working to make improvements to the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center in his hometown of Childersburg, AL. Wallace helped install a new rubberized basketball court to create a place where a variety of community events can be held. Additional improvements to the center included new backboards, new doors and windows and new paint.

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